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Linen kimono

Linen kimono

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We made your favorite kimono from softened fine linen in a natural tone.

The belt is no longer sewn but attached with two loops.

The kimono can be worn alone or in combination with our linen culottes.

A beautiful and unique piece!

The material is characterized by high breathability and cools you pleasantly in hot weather.

Thanks to the strong canvas weave of the fibers, it is resistant to stretching and friction.

The natural color underlines the uniqueness of this piece.

Be naturally yourself!

Available in two sizes.

Designed with love and honestly made in the Czech Republic.

Goods purchased at promotional prices cannot be returned or exchanged.


100% softened linen. It is organic, completely decomposes, does not leave environmentally hazardous waste.


we recommend washing at 40°C - 60°C, using ecological washing products will increase the life of the fabric, do not use fabric softener

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